What about Sarcastic…


Sarcastic Cosmetics is one of the leading Vegan and Cruelty-Free cosmetic lines of our time. This brand new cosmetic line focuses on capturing the beauty and witty side of a woman, allowing women to be creative, gracious, and bold. So #WearItHowYouSayIt!


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Shana Wilson-Williams is a wife, mother, singer and lover of all things beauty. Being a Detroit native, Shana has seen firsthand what it means to be goal driven, witty, and gracious, yet still have a little sass. Being surrounded by powerful and goal driven women such as her mother and sister she was taught to be fearless, have faith in God, be kind yet be bold all at the same time. Throughout her life she has traveled the world singing and encouraging people through demonstrating the love of God. While traveling she has crossed paths with a lot of amazing, fashionable, beautiful women who has helped build her love for fashion, and makeup. She wanted to create a cosmetic line that will bring out the best in each and everyone that wears it.