Hey Girl! You want to be a Sarcastic Babe? We’re always looking to build with like minded women who are go-getters, creative, and influential in their circles! 


What is a Sarcastic Babe?

Well we’re  glad you asked! A Sarcastic Babe is a professional makeup artist, or makeup enthusiast who uses her social media platform to showcase and promote cosmetic  products either by review, or by demonstration. She’s witty, funny, uses the right amount of sarcasm (of course) she’s ambitious, and ready to take over the world! 

What is Sarcastic University?

Sarcastic University is a unique twist to our 12 month ambassador’s program, where we give each girl a chance to grow with the brand. Our first “class” is all freshmen, who will move on to be Upperclassmen, then to our Masters Program which we envision will be not only our experienced ambassadors, but also potentially partner in business with Sarcastic Cosmetics. 

You are given assignments, and will have awesome perks as you move up through the ranks! 

What are the Qualifications?

After you have been accepted, you will receive your first assignment, and a welcome package in the mail. Outside of the assignments, We require all our girls to post at least 4 sarcastic Cosmetics Related posts a month, which includes makeup tutorials, product reviews and other creative promotional efforts. We’ll need you to promote Giveaways, and Collaborations, product launches, attend our video sessions/ meet & greets, and more. Basically to just be consistent and take on our Brand as if it were your own! 

How Do I Qualify?

We look for a few things for qualification. Outside of talent and skill we look for the following: 

  • Are you following us on all platforms? 
  • Have you purchased from us before (not just for giveaways or winning prizes) 
  • Have you mentioned or posted about us before? 
  • Do you have a personal brand, and have high engagement with your audience? 
  • Are you working with other cosmetic brands, or have successfully displayed your efforts with other brands? 
  • How much does your own brand correlate with the Sarcastic Cosmetics brand 

What are the benefits to becoming a Sarcastic Babe?

We’ve got so much in store for our Babes! As the Freshman Class progresses, we’ll be adding more benefits, for now we will be giving you a 30% discount, a 10% discount to anyone you refer to purchase, you get to build and network with a community of women who are making great strides to influence the beauty industry. A platform of over 29k women to showcase your work and as stated, more will be added as we grow! 

How long does the program last?

Our program is 12 months long. 


Can I Opt Out of Sarcastic University?

Well.. we hope you Never want to leave us, but in the event you do, that’s okay! We just ask that you give us an email letting us know in advance so we are clear on your decision. No love lost! 


Can I be expelled (removed) from Sarcastic University?

Unfortunately yes, It's not ideal for us but sometimes necessary. The following points below are some reasons to be removed from the program:

  • ​​Consistent lack of engagement on your social media platforms in helping us to promote our brand & message.
  • Inconsistency in helping us to support others within the Sarcastic Cosmetics community on IG.
  • If for any other reasons we feel that you have been MIA, or have conducted yourself under the standard held by the Sarcastic Cosmetics Brand 


Is there a possibility to renew my ambassadorship with Sarcastic University after the term has ended?

Yes! If the feeling is mutual and we really feel like you’re a great fit for our brand, we will formally let you know you have been invited back to continue your ambassadorship with us through writing, at which point you will be able to decide if you would like to continue with us. Those who have been invited back into the program will not need to re-enter/ fill out another application form.


Do you have any more questions about the program?

If so, please email us at babes@sarcasticcosmetics.com

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